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ABOUT MEi'm felix!! or pluto!certified little guy! i have a diploma and everything i promisei use he/him and neopronouns!!!
(check my pronoun.y - the heart logo!)


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i'm an artist!! currently in art school doing a fashion design course :)i love stupid teen shows, plushies, sweets and vampiresspace enthusiast!!!!!!i'm an INFP and a ravenclaw, if you care about that stuff :P


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things that i enjoy very very much:games: pocket mirror, little goody two shoes, animal crossing nh, muse dash, project diva, love live!, sally face, off, yume nikki, doki doki literature club, minecraft, inscryption, night in the woods, undertale, deltaruneanime: MADOKA MAGICA, haibane renmei, children of the sea, gleipnir, alien 9, cardcaptor sakura, death note, diabolik lovers, shoujo shuumatsu ryokou, wonder egg priority, sk8 the infinity, paradise kiss, brand new animal, serial experiments lain, kill la kill, no. 6, angel beats, devilman crybaby, little witch academia, promare, twin star exorcists, show by rock!!, ano natsu de matterucartoons: BEE AND PUPPYCAT, moomin valley, my little pony, adventure time, the midnight gospel, kid cosmic, she-ra, the owl house, steven universe, kipo and the age of wonderbeasts, infinity train, over the garden wall, twelve forevershows: skins, shameless, misfits, what we do in the shadows, our flag means death, the sandman, the end of the f***ing world, dirk gently's holistic detective agency, izombie, the good place, the umbrella academy, girl from nowhere, i am not okay with this, sherlock, chilling adventures of sabrina, lucifer, gentleman jack, stranger thingsyoutubers: markiplier, flamingo, danny gonzalez, kurtis conner, manlybadasshero


my kins!

















some bands and artists that i like!

these aren't in any kind of order! i just wrote them as i remembered them :)


  • cavetown!!!!!!!!

  • will wood

  • the orion experience

  • yungblud

  • cosmo sheldrake

  • hozier

  • michl

  • dodie

  • jack stauber

  • gregory alan isakov

  • shawn james

  • the hoosiers

  • idkhbtfm

  • daughter

  • the paper kites

  • the crane wives

  • peach pit

  • mother mother

  • cigarettes and milk

  • the wrecks

  • troye sivan

  • chloe moriondo

  • in love with a ghost

  • to ashes

  • daughter

  • blame candy

  • roland faunte

  • palaye royale

  • glass animals

  • hot freaks

  • harley poe

  • saint motel

  • crystal castles

  • nothing in the fridge

  • destroy boys

  • the oozes

  • bear ghost

  • bill wurtz

  • studio killers

  • aurora

  • dazey and the scouts

  • meth wax

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